Rendered Product

Wall Flower PCB

8 LEDs in a circle with options


Electrical Specs
Physical Specs


Example One

  1. Each LED has it's own resistor, so you can control brightness individually.
  2. Pins for each LED are oriented so you can either stand the LED straight up or bend it over to radiate out over the edge of the board.
  3. Each LED is 45 degrees from each of its neighbors
  4. Power can be applied in either of two ways:
    1. There is a 5 pin header in the middle that could accomodate a USB breakout board (see kit for example) or just connect at "+" and "-"
    2. Along the edge between LED8 and LED1 are two 2 pin headers (0.1 inch pitch) 15 degrees apart with the "+" connection towards the center
  5. There are 4 sets of 2 holes 15 degrees apart like the power headers. This was added for the "Tower of Flower" or in general so you can stack these boards using spacers either lined up or rotated 15 degrees. The two pin power connectors were done the same so you can pass power from one board to the next.
  6. There is a center mounting hole should you need it.