Rendered Product

Wall Flower Kit

Light up your space with changing colors




Example One

  1. Schematic is above for reference
  2. Check that you have all parts
  3. Form, insert and solder all resistors (one at a time if you're new to kit building)
  4. Trim the excess leads with side cutters or snips. It may be easier to manage if you snip after soldering both ends of each resistor.
  5. Insert and bend over the LEDs so that the bottom of the plastic bulb is just touching the outside edge of the board. IMPORTANT: LEDs are polarized meaning they must be installed in the correct orientation or they will not work. If you look carefully, there should be a flat spot at the base of the bulb and the shorter leg should be on that side. The circuit board has a flat side on the circle for the LED. Match that flat side with the flat side of the bulb or the short leg and insert.
  6. Solder the LEDs (again, not all at once if you're still new to this)
  7. Trim the excess leads with side cutters or snips
  8. Insert the long side of the 5 pin header into the bottom of the board but DO NOT solder yet.
  9. WIth the board bottom side up and the header installed but not soldered, orient the power connector so you can still see the "+ POWER -" and so that the GND on the connector is lined up with the "-" in "+ POWER -". Slide it down on top of the pin header.
  10. The power connector should be on TOP of the board facing you. Solder all 5 pins, but don't allow the solder to bridge between the pins.
  11. Now you can flip over the two boards and solder on top of the white board. Solder all 5 pins and again don't allow the solder to bridge between the pins.
  12. If the power connector is not parallel to the flower board, you can reheat the solder and carefully straighten it.
  13. [OPTIONAL] insert the screws through the top side of the flower board and thread them into the spacers on the bottom. This will give you legs. There are 4 sets of two holes and one hole might be covered by the power connector. You can use the other hole there and then the same hole for the other three sets then your legs should be evenly spaced.