Technology and Art

b1tn0tes is my portfolio and store for things
I've created and am sharing or selling.
The art behind this is one example.

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I just like to create!

Sometimes it's digital artwork, but lately it's been electronic displays.


Store (Includes FREE downloads)


From time to time I do digital artwork. Here is where you can sample and download some as wallpaper or for small prints.

DIY PCB Modules

Sometimes you just need a simple circuit to add to your creation. That's what I have here.

Blank PCBs

Sometimes you want a more complete PCB for your project. Those are here.

Electronic Kits

Sometimes you want to build something nice, that's what I have here.

Open Source Keyboard Project

Creating a DIY inexpensive musical keyboard

DIY Holiday Lights

Create your own holiday display.

Assembled Creations

Sometimes I want to build something and end up with too many. That's what you'll find here.