DIY Holiday Lights Project

I'm working on a concept for DIY holiday lights.

This is not just Christmas/Fairy lights. The system should support multiple designs.

I want to open it up to everyone, so I'm posting the details and Gerber files here.

I'm just getting started ... so I'm going just post a PDF document that I can easily update and the Gerber files for download.

IMPORTANT!: These PCBs are not inherently waterproof, so you'll want to plan for either an indoor instalation or make appropriate arrangements for outdoors. In my case I simply installed under the eaves to protect them, but a driving rain or heavy fog could be a problem.

Pic of PDF Document
Pic of Coupler
Coupler Board
Pic of Globe Ornament 2.0
Globe Ornament
Pic of C9 Ornament
C9 Ornament